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Estë the Gentle's Casebook.

6th September, 2005. 9:12 pm.

*Puts on a deer-stalker hat, lights a pipe and heads out to investigate the Strange and Mysterious Pummeling of Gwindor.*

*Has left the afore-mentioned Pummled Gwindor in the capable hands of her handmaidens in Lorien.*

Probably having the time of his life...

*Knocks on Fingolfin's door.*

Current mood: curious.

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8th August, 2005. 6:56 pm. More to do list!

1. Nance with new moodtheme. *nance nance nance*
2. Get Maglor back on his feet. Stop his whinging.
3. Fix Caranthire (Work in progess)
4. Pin down Elentir for a therapy session. Oh, the neuroses that man has...*wibbles in anticipation.*

Current mood: busy.

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13th July, 2005. 7:39 pm.

*Is still in a mood with Irmo.*

Feh. I'll sort out Namo myself. How hard can it be? I'll just give him candy, that'll work.

*Goes to look for him in the Halls*

Namo? Naaaaamo? You about? Este needs to talk to you.

Current mood: cranky.

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22nd June, 2005. 7:07 pm.

So. Irmo. What's this I hear about us having a party? Namo seemed awfully excited about it. :D

Can we have punch and pie? And jello! It's not a party without jello. *bounces*

Current mood: curious.

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21st June, 2005. 8:09 pm.

*Checks up on the madnessometer and finds that things are actually pretty quiet for once.*

*Decides to see how one of the main sources of Tirion madness is getting along.*

Námo? How's every little thing? Have you put that mortal outside yet?

Current mood: calm.

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4th June, 2005. 2:52 am.

*Assesses the damage.*

*On a scale of one to ten? LOTS.*


Current mood: FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!.

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3rd June, 2005. 6:17 pm. List of things to do!

*Sort out Maedhros!
*Check-up on Pharrie's nearest and dearest. Time for a house-call I think.
*Work out a game-plan for little Terafinwe in case there's no improvement.
*Find out why Namo's been so quiet lately. That worries me slightly.
*Make Irmo a packed-lunch for the poppy harvest.
ETA: *Taking off Morno's cast at some point might be an idea too. Whoops.

Current mood: working.

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27th May, 2005. 10:59 pm.

*Is beginning to think that her husband might actually be rather sweet underneath all the bastardy.*

*Boggle* *Boggle boggle boggle*

That takes me to some strange, scary mental places. Probably best not to think about it.

Current mood: thoughtful.

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7th April, 2005. 11:59 pm. To do list.

Item one: Find Maedhros, examine his hand that isn't there...No, that doesn't make any sense *scrubs it out.* Find Maedhros and examine his ARM. Then try to sort his head out.
Item two: Get Maglor back in therapy. He looked so tense.
Item three: Buy a new comfort froggy.
Item four: Install a metal detector. Feanorians in therapy. Can't be too careful.

Current mood: busy.

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1st April, 2005. 8:47 pm.

Right. I've sorted out Irmo, Fin and Rauko. That just leaves Námo.

Has 'Hello Kitty' send a letter.Collapse )

Current mood: working.

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